A Hopefully Disconnected President Trump

If the American people are lucky a President Trump will stay oblivious to actual government operations. This may be quite possible as he has a notorious reputation for disregarding details (short attention span), a common flaw of salesmen types; they don’t want to have to sweat the fine points.

This is why it’s never a good idea for great salesmen to become CEOs. The record shows that those around Trump have time after time had to save Donald and his business from his haphazard management style — not always successfully so, as countless lawsuits and bankruptcies reveal.

There is no doubt that Trump’s ego is a valuable asset when it comes to promotion, salesmanship and branding. Great leadership, however, requires studied nuance. Hopefully the Donald puts men of measured competence in key positions, folks that somehow manage to keep his impetuous rants from harming the nation and the world.

It will certainly be a difficult dance for Trump’s chief lieutenants to allow him to polish and exercise his bloated ego without it causing collateral damage. And of course, as it has been all along, there is surely going to have to be nimble folks on instant standby for revising and repurposing what is sure to be the Donald’s thousands of ill-conceived tweets.

Perhaps if Trump is allowed to strut around the world stage, believing he is the greatest leader of all times, his underlings will be successful in keeping his grubby little hands away from the real levers of power. Indeed, for the childish Trump, just the trappings of power ought to be enough to keep him purposefully distracted and out of the actual loop of governance. At least I’m sure that’s what the various government agencies, particularly the military and security agencies, and the Republican leadership are hoping. Keeping him amused and disconnected from important work for the sake of the nation and all humankind is possibly going to become the Trump administration’s unofficial dictum.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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