A Weak Government Is A Corrupt Government

In a democracy a weak government is a corrupt government. So when you hear politicians with political mantras that push for smaller government with less regulation, be very wary. One of the most important functions of a free government is to act as a neutral umpire that call balls and strikes that favor no particular interest group, and to do that fairly requires great independent strength, otherwise government becomes the plaything of the rich, the powerful and the corrupt.

Under the current GOP/Trump regime, our government is the stupidest, most corrupt giveaway to special interests in the entire history of America. Recently this Trump lead gang in Washington gave away 1/6 of the nation’s wealth to roughly its 700 most wealthy families under the guise of a tax cut. Well, the electorate can be pretty thoughtless at times, but this one they didn’t buy, so the Republicans have given up any notion of running on the great tax cut dozy.

This is what happens when incompetent folks who don’t believe in government or the rule of law, because it gets in their way to fleece others unfairly for personal gain — grifters — become the government.

They trash those pesky EPA regulations that keep us from being poisoned. They water down Wall Street regulations that protect average investors. And of course, as we know, they give away tax revenues that are critical for funding teachers, cops, firemen, and the infrastructure, so that the nation doesn’t devolve into a third world banana republic.

Besides Russian interference, the political baggage of Hillary, voter suppression, a backlash against a black president and the archaic Electoral College system, how did one silly Donald J. Trump ever become president? Because, believe or not, he was seen by many of the more uninform among us to be an American super hero — yes, super hero of all things.

I mean to those who mostly just skim the headlines of their world, here was this bigger than life guy with his name emblazoned in large gold letters on jet planes and glittering tall buildings, one who claimed to be fabulously wealthy, a guy who said that he had absolutely no doubts about the fact that he would bring all of American (or at least the good parts of the country, if you get my drift) up to his high standard of living. Wow! What a great idea, a super hero in charge of the nation.

What America’s gullible didn’t realize is that real super heroes don’t advertise the fact that they are super heroes, they just quietly go about their business in a professional manner doing good works for the nation like the folks at the FBI and other critical government institutions that corrupt demagogues feel they must undercut or be exposed.

Of course there are the pure haters, Klan types who will always rejoice in Trump’s abhorrence, but for the rest of the Trump supporters it will eventually dawn on them that he is a total fraud; that every undesirable characteristic that he applies to others is really just an advertisement of his own lack of character and dastardly deeds; that he is a failed businessman that keeps his head above water only through the efforts of his criminal associates.

It will be hard for these Trump believers to admit that they have been taken in. The ego fights like mad never to have to admit to wrong thoughts or actions. Or maybe the easier psychological way out for these folks is simply to become bored with Trump’s antics.

In any event a light will eventually come on for these folks that Trump and his ilk are a serious threat to our American freedoms and ideals, and thus a threat to their own individual futures as well. It has been written by those in the know that everything Trump touches dies. Thus hopefully many of Trump’s supporters will come to see that the Donald needs to be cut out of the American system yesterday.

We need to return to a strong government headed by idealists who truly believe in a government by and for the people.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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