America Is At Last Politically Divided Along The Most Elemental Divisions Of The Human Mindset — Ego Vs. Intellect

If ego is the most primitive foundation of the mind then intellect (reason beyond self-serving emotion) is the mind’s highest element of advanced modification.

Ego is self-serving. Ego hates change. Ego is always right. Ego loves only those persons of like kind and similar interests. Thus ego is conservative. Meaning that at a gut level the very crude President Trump fits right into the self-absorbed Republican Party’s political agenda. Trump’s just not all that concerned about trying to hide his selfishness.

When the selfish interests of Wall Street merge with the primitive ego emotions of the party’s long building base, then what’s best for the country takes a big hit and we end up with a dysfunctional nation.

Back in their day, the founding fathers were, for the most part, intellectual giants, students of the French enlightenment period. They wanted to undertake an experiment in democracy to see it were possible for the intellect to triumph over the ego’s tribal impulse as a means of governance — to bring into being a nation based on reason and laws rather than the traditional instincts of a personality cult.

Sure some of the founders were stuck with slavery, and certainly by today’s standards they would hardly be considered to be enlightened, but most were hoping that the “peculiar institution” would melt away of its own accord as reason and education raised the nation’s intellect. Unfortunately it required a horrendously bloody civil war to start the ball rolling toward ending slavery and civil rights abuses.

Obviously we can see as to how the nation’s political divide has shaken out in recent years. Meaning that as long as those of primitive egos constitute a fairly significant slice of the electorate (roughly a third at present) the nation will continue to exhibited the blight of xenophobia as currently promoted by President Trump and the Republican Party, and are doing so with seemingly less and less subtlety.

Much xenophobia comes out of political extremism, both left and right to be honest, but mostly from the right. Therefore the answer to America’s democratic woes, it salvation if possible, is that left of center Democrats unite with right of center Republicans to form a new political centrist coalition, creating a positive, pragmatic and workable agenda for what’s best for Americans at large, a party rooted in an intellect whose rational approach will override the primitive ego extremists. If this can come to fruition then the threat of a potential dictatorship can be permanently put to rest.

Now here my friend is where I burst your bubble. This is a pipedream. Because of the universal law of probability balance, yes that old boogieman of mine, the good and the positive can never gain a perpetual advantage over the bad and the negative. This is why an undying centrist party for good has never come into existence and never will. The best that can ever be hoped for is an alternation between the good and the bad the positive and the negative — sorry, no happy ending, but that’s life.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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