American Cults: Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump

When corporate America and the super rich become so excessively greedy as to begin strangling the American middleclass, even reasonable citizens begin drafting toward what amount to political cults. In todays electoral scene that means Santa Clause Sanders on the left and lying Trump on the right.

Indeed, when folks become desperate they beginning looking for and attaching themselves to political saviors, pied pipers who will tell them what they want to hear. They in fact coalesce into true believer mass movements, which in itself gives them an enormous psychological lift, as they find themselves surrounded by others of like mind and a sense great hope.

Sometimes these movements morph into something positive and sometimes they become extremely dangerous, like when Hitler and his Nazis Party lead Germany into a whirlwind of death and destruction in the middle of the last century. This latter outcome is something that true believer mindsets, immersed in radical causes and dazzling leaders, are incapable of envisioning. They have found their secular messiah, and nothing else matters. No amount of logic or facts can turn them away from their savior and what amounts to a lifesaving, holy cause.

While Sanders and what he points to may be fairly harmless, some of his followers, when disappointed, can spin off into all sorts of crazy and dangerous directions. For instance, when the Democratic establishment favored Hillary over Bernie and Sanders lost the nomination, it caused significant numbers of his enraged supporters to move hard right in support of that other cult, the Trump cult. Thus proving the point that those attracted to cults will attach them selves to any cult in a storm. The point being that true believer types need to feel the excitement of being apart of a powerful movement, any movement.

Hopefully there comes a reason that most Americans can break their cult fever and need for an over-the-top messiah, and instead look to back a proven executive for president like a Mike Bloomberg. Mike has just the right temperament, capability, and proven experience to clean up the corrosive clown show that is the Trump administration, lead by a man with all the treacherous psychological attributes of a sadistic dictator if unchecked, which now thanks to spineless Republican Senators, except for Mitt Romney, he is.

The problem right now is that its hard to find a way that Mike Bloomberg, with all his billions, can find his way to the Democratic nomination. Can he win simply by flooding the national media with awesome political ads, without ever getting on stage with the other candidates because of the byzantine Democratic system of nomination? I guess we will find out on Super Tuesday, the day that Mike says he is aiming his campaign.

I fear that if Mike does not break through on the Democratic side, the American people (its voters) will be faced with choosing between two cult figures uninspiring to a majority of American voters, men incapable of effective leadership.

Wait, hold a minute here! I just read where the Democrats are adjusting the rules to let Bloomberg in the door. With Joe looking weak and Bernie the socialist a likely disaster up against Trump, reality must be sinking in big time among the party operatives. Great!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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