America’s Beacon To The World Will Continue To Shine Brightly

I know folks that when you watch or read the news and you see how that snake in the White House is dragging the best of American values through the mud, making a mockery of the tens of thousands of bold, but also terrified, young men and women who have given their last full measure for this nation so that we may remain free and continue onward to a society that reaches for the promised land of awesome equality for every citizen, I can understand the malaise of hopelessness that washes over you at times. (It is okay to take a deep breath now, friends.)

And when you see a pandemic flood across the land in no small part because of a sellout political party that embraces what seems like a cartoonish Doctor Evil in place of where a serious, adult president is desperately needed, I realize it must seem like the worst terror possible.

But take heat, folks. America is incurably resilient. The American Civil War was far more threatening to the nation’s existence than even our pandemic president. Good men and women will inevitably and are already rising above the muck of the Trump administration — dozens of governors and hundreds of mayors will fill and are filling the void of this current corruption called the Trump administration.

If you think all is lost in America as it blooms into a truly diverse, multicultural democracy, then the hateful dust being kicked up by change has seriously blinded you. Look at your TV. It’s shows and commercials have come alive with back, brown, red, yellow, straight and gay people. It is all here, my friends, right before your very eyes.

Some, who, contrary to their empty words, never really believed in democracy and equality, are lashing out in fury that it has at long last come upon them. They pine for the bad old days of their dreams, when only White was right. Trump may not be worth a warm bucket of Obama’s spit, but the excessively greedy and national malcontents are clinging to the Donald in vein, as if this phony monstrosity could ever hope save anyone. Really?

At this very minute the social sludge of Trumpism is being washed mess by dirty mess into the sewer of life. A sparkling new dawn is breaking open, because for every trend there is always a countertrend, and by the ways of karma we are owed a really good one. So hang on just a little bit longer good citizens of America for you will soon gaze upon a new promised land, a land cleansed of its ugliness. Indeed, friends, our American beacon of hope to all the world will not go out.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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