America’s Better Angels Vs. Hell’s Angels

America has always had a dark nationalist, nativist, and xenophobic side to offset its idealist, positive uniqueness. And sure the Constitution had no meaning for slaves or “freed” Negroes in the later era Jim Crow South. But never in the nation’s last 70 years have the forces of evil been better organized, thus the reason for America’s current stark political polarization.

Before the mid 1990s and Newt Gingrich and Fox News, America’s rotten underbelly had no partisan home. It was badly fragmented among many political parties and received little media validation. But then in 1994 along came the rhetorical bomb throwing Republican Congressman Gingrich and his nasty Contract with America,followed in 1996 by Roger Alies’ creation of Fox News. Gingrich and Ailes realized that that there were political hay and big bucks to be made by pandering to America’s scattered xenophobic malcontents. Together Gingrich and Ailes landed a deadly combination punch to America’s goodness.

The fear mongering haters suddenly had a political home in the GOP and a cheering section within the newly minted cable TV land; the perfect foundation was in place for any want-to-be American dictator. And so as we know one Donald J. Trump said thank you very much and took up the dictatorial challenge, becoming the cherry on top of this abysmal, political ice-cream sundae.

But before the arrival of the devil Trump, America’s good ness had one more card to play — the election of a part black man as US president, Barack Obama. Unfortunately this further solidified the forces of horror. The electorate, with the help of voter suppression, Russian intelligence having studied the American political system’s weaknesses for a century, the terrible judgment of FBI director James Comey, some third party syphoning off of votes and a Democratic nominee of much political baggage, lead to the unthinkable — the Donald as president.

Alas, with the bad guys now fully organized, it is problematic whether or not they can ever be permanently contained, even if somehow it is managed to peacefully put Trump back in his cage. Hell’s Angels have found their power and they ain’t going away — ever.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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