America’s Perfect Storm Of Divisive Awfulness

I hear Political pundits sighting bits and pieces of why America has become so dangerously divided. The reason why it’s so divide is actually simple. Over the last thirty years the nation’s destructive forces have come together as one nasty offset to America’s better angels.

Prior to this coming together of awfulness, millions of malcontents grumbled about the leftwing bias of the mainstream media, but they were scattered about numerous parties without any real home.

But then, just about the time old Newt Gingrich thought the nation’s troublemakers might be fertile ground from which to boost GOP voter strength, Roger Ailes was also thinking that there was money to be made off of grumbling Joe and shaped tongued Sally. He created Fox news and inspired much of its right wing radio ilk.

Almost in an instant what would become Trump world was born. But there was as yet no Trump like figure crazy enough to claim to be their leader, and besides the forces of good had one more positive card to play in the person of Barack Obama as a two term president.

But, naturally, a Black man in the While House set the hair on fire of the nation’s evil forces.

Meanwhile, a crazy person of reality TV fame, one Donald J. Trump, showed up to take charge of the malcontents. And fate having decided enough with goodness already, decided to really put it to America’s better angels with a truly bizarre set of circumstances for placing a cherry on top of America’s divisiveness with an Orange President.

To do this required a Hilary, a Comey, a Putin, an antiquated Electoral College system, a bunch of voter suppression laws, and a festering hatred for the Black imposter of dignity and a fine character (you know how badly those traits pissed off the evil ones) that had pretended to be president for the previous eight years. And finally of course there came along the Trumpster who was expert at stoking resentment. So here we are with no good place to go for the moment — stuck with a dangerously, moronic president. Please hurry up Mr. Mueller.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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