Attacking The President’s Insanity

There is not more than one reputable psychiatrist in a hundred who, when their feet were held to the fire, would not account President Donald J. Trump a certifiable nut job. In fact dozens of doctors, so terrified of what the Donald might do, have already risked their professional careers to sign statements to that effect.

Now a worried Trump insider has risked everything to turn the president’s insanity against him for the purpose of removing him from a position of power that threatens humanity’s very existence. Sure, his unsigned op-ed was meant as a dire warning to the nation and the world of the Donald’s instability, more so, however, it was tailor made to drive the president’s paranoia completely over the edge.

Already the president is mentally so far gone that he acts and communicates in ways of self-indictment. He relentlessly attacks others with words such as liar and traitor, very specifically self-descriptive words. In fact his own lawyers have not long ago gone directly to special counsel Robert Mueller to say that their client is helpless to defend himself. He can’t even speak the truth to them.

Now an insider has cleverly written an op-ed published in the New York Times designed to sent this pathetic shell of a man’s paranoia through the roof, saying that many within the administration are working hard to save the nation by checking the president’s most dangerous impulses. Moreover, the writer has used words and phrases that point to specific persons as the possible culprit of his blistering revelation — for instance the word lodestar being a term common only to Vice-President Pence.

Of course this amounts to a risky business (some sort of game of Russian roulette) when playing with a fragile mind that controls thousands of nuclear weapons. But this is where we have come to when there are millions of voters who have not the capacity when voting for a president to see beyond their own immediate interests, folks completely lacking in a knowledge of or interest in history and international relationships, being as ill-equipped to make wise decisions as the sick buffoon for whom they voted to put all humanity in jeopardy.

So now someone has determined that things in the White House have become so dangerous that attacking the president’s obvious insanity is the only way out of this impossible predicament.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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