Barr’s Idiotic Partisan Summary Letter Only Gives Trump A Small Head Start To The 2020 Finish Line

So let’s put the Mueller Report in Horse racing terms. First off this race to the 2020 finish line is based much on getting a proper interpretation of the Mueller Report into the public’s consciousness. Trump is already jumping out in the lead on that score, but if this race is compared to the Triple Crown series of horse racing; it is not the shortest race of the series, the Kentucky Derby. This race is more like the longer mile-and-a-half Belmont, the last leg of the Triple Crown.

Right now Trump is out there bellowing that his ringer of an attorney general has declared him innocent of all “Witch Hunt” charges, of which a common sense interpretation of Trump’s public statements and actions alone show that to be ludicrous. Moreover, as is his vengeful and sadistic nature, he is already threatening his blacklisted enemies with all sorts of reprisals.

This fuming and thrashing about by Trump is like a horse being run into the ground in the long Belmont back stretch, so that the Democrats, as with the Great horse Secretariat in his spectacular 1973 Triple Crown run, will be in fine shape to rush ahead on the club house turn and blow away the Donald and win by an astounding quarter of a mile. In other words the 2020 race might seem neck and neck for a time, but in the end it will be a crushing victory for Democrats and democracy — a sure bet win my friends. This nag Trump is toast, not only because of what will inevitably be revealed in the Mueller report, but as he will also be worn to a frazzle by countless other investigations.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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