Both Wall Street And Its GOP Shills Are Dependent On The Republican Party’s Ugly Underbelly Base And the World’s Bad Guys

A few decades ago it became readily apparent to Wall Street and its Republicans shills that the nation’s demographic trends were running hard against them. In other words upper middleclass and ultra rich Whites would soon be outnumbered by mostly modest income people of color. It was a desperate time for the ruling class; and new anti discrimination and voter rights laws weren’t helping the problem either.

The obvious solution was to go after lower, middleclass working Whites that were losing their jobs due to technology and outsourcing. Never mind that Wall Street and the GOP were also partly responsible for the shrinking middleclass, a decline that started as far back as the 1970s. There was a rich political vein of Archie Bunker type Democrats ripe for a xenophobic ploy.

These working class Democrats, often out of job or even more likely underemployed by mid twentieth century standards, were mad as hell. They were of a kind easily susceptible to demagoguery. Lacking the sort of enhanced intellect needed to round off the rougher edges of bigotry and hate, their exposed tribal impulses made them highly prone to wanting to blame the “other” (minorities) for their troubles, and so began the GOP dog whistling campaign to build a new base of the bitter.

Two men in particular took notice of this Wall Street/Republican xenophobic ploy to protect their threatened power. Both one Donald John Trump in the good old U S of A and one Vladimir Putin raised up in the old Soviet Union were busy scheming ways to exploit the GOP’s stratagem, one looking for money and power and the other seeking ways to turn peoples of America against one another to Russia’s advantage.

Somewhere along the way, maybe at first by accident, but then deliberately Trump, Putin, and Wall Street through its bought GOP pawns and the recent xenophobic Republican base found common cause.

So, yes, America and much of the world is deeply divide at present with an asshole American president, a bitter faction of the US electorate, Putin and the rest of the planet’s ruthless dictators on one side and the earth’s better angels on the other, with of course a dozen nuclear buttons between them for good measure. As William Bendix used to often say staring in The Life of Riley series: “What a revolting development this is.” (This Life of Riley thing is something those of you who are not at least in your mid sixties will have to Google.)

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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