By The Universal Law Of Probability Balance Trump Must Be Our Next President

Stars are born and stars die. The Universal law of probability balance simply says that creation in time is always offset by destruction, peace is offset by war, good is offset by evil etc.

For eight years Barack Obama has brought decency, class, intelligence, measured thought, a fine sense of humor and even toughness when needed (ask ben Laden) to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Yes, Obama has exhibited impeccable charter as a devoted father and husband. He is in fact despised only by the despicable among us.

Now marching over the horizon is the negative offset of all this virtue. Indeed, the iron fisted offset demanded by the law of probability balance in this instance no doubt takes the form of one Donald J. Trump, a man totally devoid of virtue of any description. Some will say that one on one the Donald can be an exceedingly charming man. So what? When he was not ranting before the masses about some real or imagined injustice, Hitler, too, was known to be a hypnotically charming personality, thought totally sadistic at his core.

The negative offset of probability balance is relentless. A year ago the idea of Mr. Trump as president was a hilarious joke. A month ago the idea that he could actually beat the experienced veteran politician, Hillary Clinton, was preposterous. Now they are virtually tied in the latest polls.

Sound minds are stunned to know how this can be possible. The man does everything wrong yet plows though the competition as if it were tissue paper. Let’s just say that the undetectable law of probability balance is beyond humanity’s ability to comprehend or combat. Welcome to the White House President Trump. Damn!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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