Can The Newest Generations Of Americans Finally Produce A Government That Is By And For The People?

This in essence is what some old dudes like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even in large measure what good old Joe Biden, are asking. They may only be a temporary bridge to the future, seeing as they are well past their prime, for in the end it will be up to much younger generations (like Mayor Pete’s) to finally get America to her promised land.

American ideals have always pointed in the right direction. Moreover, there have been specially gifted men in the past such as Lincoln and the two Roosevelts, Teddy and Franklin, who have tried with some success to tame the predatory capitalists that have come to rule the land.

Currently America is overseen by K Street and Wall Street supported and shilled by the GOP and propagandized by Fox News and its “conservative” personality and radio satellites on behalf of America’s oligarchy. To break this stranglehold that special interest wealth has on the land, without breaking what’s left of our democracy, will require a monumental effort.

The seed of this possible national salvation are the young men, and especially the women — Democrats all, except for one Republican — that have recently entered the US House of Representatives. It will be up to them to begin the restoration and enhancement of our democracy, which may first require the impeachment of “President” Donald J. Trump, the most undemocratic figure ever to infest the American government.

But Trump is only the tip of problem. It’s Trump’s backers where the biggest difficulty lies. Throughout history the wealthy have depended upon playing one group against the other in order to maintain their power, often with cooperation of the church. In America’s multicultural society playing off one racial or ethic group against the other has been duck soup. The negative tribal impulse is most powerful in the crude and those most devoid of enhanced intellect. It is they whom the Trump type demagogues, on behalf of the fascist go after folks who can be most easily coned into working against their own best interest because of aroused xenophobic fears.

In America it is mainly older Whites seeing a tidal wave of black and brown peoples who are fearful that a rise in status of the “other” automatically mean a loss of status for them. Trump, who lives in his very own world where there are only winners and chumps, was, and still is the most perfect personality to fan the flames of this unwarranted fear.

It will require great finesses on the part of America’s more sophisticated younger generations to bring these older White souls into the light, to see where hate and fear of the other is but merely a tool of the nation’s oligarchs, the very ones that are bleeding them dry. Indeed, it will be the job of the younger generations to first bring out the better angels of Trump supporter types before America can become a nation lead by a government that is truly one by and for the people.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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