Catering To Fear And Hate Equals The End Of Democracy

Republicans did not invent a Nazi style government in this country, however, by their crass political tactics of pandering to the ugly side of White tribalism and resentment for nothing more than gaining raw political power they have managed to kill off democracy via grid lock. Indeed, the current soul of the Republican Party — the crude base it has attracted — has caused it to evolved in to a Nazi style party applauded most enthusiastically by the likes of skinheads and the Klan.

So now we have a governing party fearful of being seen by its xenophobia base as doing something positive for the dreamers. Republicans pretend to agree to a compromise that would solve part of the immigration problem, and then scuttle it. The president says to the Republicans in Congress you kids figure it out, and the Republicans reply, no Mr. president we are waiting on your lead — the result is gridlock.

It’s a hopeless game. Republicans desperately want to be seen by the country’s hopeful majority as serving the nation’s best interests, but, alas, they are prisoners of their own minority forty percent base. Thus they try and blame gridlock on the Democrats as they pander to their supporters of awfulness.

For more than forty years a significant element of the GOP has made political hay by running against Washington, portraying it as serving cheating and underserving minorities. And thus backed by Fox News and other rightwing media, the GOP has evolved into a party of lies and hate mongering. For years (seeing the handwriting on the wall) good, honest Republicans have been leaking out of the party and now, with the king of chaos and destruction having come to occupy the White House, the responsible ones are stampeding for the exits

Democracy cannot function without compromise and the GOP has worked itself into a position whereby, politically, compromise is impossible. Democracy has hit the wall in America — Trump’s wall. And unless Bob Mueller can pull a rabbit out of a hat involving the Trump fiasco, it is over in the good old USA in so many dreadful ways.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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