Trump Clashers And Biden Cooperators

There are numerous ways to describe America’s political divide, and clashers and cooperators just might be one easy way to understand it. By clashers I do not mean those Americans who exercise their Constitutional right to demonstrate against injustice. What I mean is rebels without a cause, like those a-holes that refuse to ware a mask “because it infringes on their personal freedom” — so does having to stop at a stop street for heavens sake, both, however, save lives. A society can’t function in a sea of trivialized personal freedoms. These clashers aren’t the silent majority. Rather, they are more often bitter, selfish screamers that sometimes can be seen strutting around with an AR-15 slung over their shoulder.

Freedom in a society is only truly free when each individual, regarding practically matters, gladly curbs his or her freedom just a little out of respect the general freedom of others. That brings us to the reverse side of the divide, the cooperators. These are the mature, caring thinkers who work to rectify problems not exacerbate them as dose the Donald and the selfish babies who follow after him are so apt to do. Indeed, the cooperators don’t throw a two-year-olds tantrum over slight inconveniences. They strive to work toward America’s ideals as an army of the nation’s better angels.

One can either decide to join with Trump in making trouble, which only leads in pain and death, or join with positive Democrats and Independents that strive to protect democracy and the rule of law, a system in which a leader is not above the law. That is what this showdown in November is going to decide. Do we want dumb political theater with Trump and Pence or competent governance with Biden and Harris? As with Germany in 1933, your life may depend on the outcome of our 2020 election. Are you a clasher or a cooperator? We shall see.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!