Corporate America Hates The Idea Of A Multicultural Democracy

It used to be that America had two major political parties, one leaning conservative and one leaning liberal. And that is how many casual voters still see the political landscape. But with the demographic trend running against the White power structure, corporate America and the moneybags in America, with the help of their right wing media machine lead by Fox News, have tuned the GOP into a democracy destruction device.

America isn’t divided because two real political parties are squabbling over petty politics, no sir. One party the, GOP, is being dispatch to Washington to gum up the works, to make real democracy untenable. The other party, the Democratic Party, is trying hard to keep democracy alive for the benefit of average Americas in the face of massive wealth and power sent forth against its endeavors.

You see, folks, corporate America views a true multicultural democracy as a serious impediment to their preferred unfettered, predatory system of capitalism. Indeed, these young, liberal Democrats if they get their way are going to insist on fighting climate change, safe working conditions, a clean environment, equal pay for equal work, a modern healthcare system that won’t bankrupt families and an end to tax cuts that mainly favor the super rich. Sure all this stuff is great for average folks, but it inhibits endless public funds flowing up hill to the super rich.

The powers to be don’t want that. They don’t care if they totally pollute America or drain its resources until it’s a third world country mess. In that case they have the wherewithal to simply move to whatever unspoiled part of the globe they wish. Folks, America is no longer a two party political system working for the betterment of all its citizens. Rather it’s a nation whose democracy is under siege by, Trump, the GOP, the Russians, the super rich and corporate America.

Corporate America and the GOP never wanted Trump. They saw him as stupid and dangerous. But as his ignorance and chaos inevitably ruins effective government, which is what the nation’s real powers want to see anyway, they are willing to live with him — right Mitch. Far better than seeing the hard left get hold of the levers of government to institute a true democracy that best serves the nation and its people. The supreme irony here is that if the Democrats manage to completely take over Washington and keep greedy corporate interest from killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, even the wealthy will be better off in the end, unless of course they have plans to become citizens somewhere else.


It’s ashamed that parts of the lower White social order never manages to catches on to the game that the super rich play against it. Blinded by their xenophobia they fall hook, line and sinker for the GOP/Trump con.

Its also ashamed that major news organizations, because I suppose they are owned by big money, continued to treat Republicans and Democrats as just two normal set of political opponents.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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