Crazy Man Trump Has All The Leverage In The World As President

By almost any standard Trump has always been slightly crazy. I mean how else can it be explained that he went through 400 million of his father’s fortune, all that American banks would care to loan him, until finally going hat in hand to our Russian foes to bail him out, after leaving a trail of cashed casinos and an assortment of other failed businesses.

Yes, take any average American and back him with 400 million dollars, and he most likely would have ended up far ahead of Trump’s sorry economic state. Except that a crazy man has all the leverage in the world when it comes to politics, especial a president facing jail time once he is out of office.

How in heavens name is anyone to deal with a crazy man who doesn’t give a crap about anything, and one who is holding an entire nation hostage of which one third of that nation thinks he’s just fine? It is sort of like when he was running for the Republican nomination. He didn’t give a damn about winning so he felt totally free to say any ungodly thing: “I don’t think John McCain is a war hero. I don’t like guys who get captured.”

His ability to unload anything that floated through his pea brain stunned his Republican completion and made it look tentative. He had demonstrated a sort of leverage for which it had no answer. And of course in not really wanting to be president and everyone certain that Hillary was going to win, he continued along freewheeling his blistering nonsense — having a ball.

But then fate, the Russians and GOP tricksters, playing upon Hillary’s heavy baggage, double crossed poor Trump and made him president. In effect the Donald had been turned into sort of a suicide bomber smack dab in the heart of the American nation, which meant to blow him up politically would be to badly damage the country or even worse. And so once again Trump sees himself as with all the leverage in the world, and he’s leaning to love it all over again. Unless you give me everything I want on my terms, I can keep the government shut down until hell freezes over, Trump is telling his opponents. I want my wall and a get out of jail free pass. Indeed, he is the leverage beast of all leverage beasts.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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