Crude Minds Respond Well To Trump’s Crude Talk

Yes, there is a cultural divide in America. There always has been. The only difference now is that the crude, intellectually unenhanced minds of our nation are, in the main, gathered under a single political party, backed by a powerful right-wing “news” media lead by TV’s Fox News and radio clowns such as Rush Limbaugh and that nut job over at Info Wars.

Moreover this dark underbelly of America has found the crudest, vilest leader in the person of one Donald J. Trump. Trump is a man shocked to find himself in a pivotal position of world power because of the quirky nature of the Electoral College, voter suppression tactics, a strangely flawed political opponent and Russian psychological warfare.

The Trump camp desperately wants folks to believe that political interference in our elections by their Russian allies had no effect upon the 2016 election out come — nonsense.

As I wrote recently — A very simple poll will do the trick. Questions: Did you decide to make a protest vote against Hilary at the last minute? What articles did you read or TV events did you watch that you believe likely pushed you to cast your protest vote for either Trump or a third party candidate?

It is very likely that the data from such a poll will give us a pretty good idea of the bottom line effect of the highly sophisticated Russian campaign, causing the Russians to help insert the destructive Donald J. Trump into our democracy.

So now the sane majority of America finds itself at the mercy of kooky America. Meaning the ass is where the head is supposed to be, which is all to the delight of our friends (enemies actually) in the kremlin — red alert, the sky is falling.

Approximately 38% of Americans can be considered to fit the definition of a crude mind. Put it this way. If someone at this point of the Donald’s usurpation of the White House still thinks he is just what the country needs, that my friends is a clear indication of a crude mind.

A large slice of this 38% has a rather egocentric, juvenile view of government. Laws may be all right for others, but they want no part of government, especially the federal government in Washington, telling them what to do. They believe in an unfettered freedom that extends almost to anarchy — give me a fist full of AR-15s, it’s my right, they say.

They are in their own minds deeply patriotic, but it’s a nebulous kind of patriotism that has no appreciation of the give and take of a democracy, a system, when functioning properly, insures that a fair amount of freedom is extended to all the nation’s citizens. To these folks their own government is the enemy far more that Putin and the rest of the thugs that rule Russia and who undoubtedly see us as their bitterest enemy.

And so the crude ones vote to send to Washington those, who, like themselves, have no love for governance, folks whose only purpose is to gum up the works. This creates gridlock to the consternation of the nation at large.

At the moment this is a nearly impossible situation to rectify. Meaning that Trump’s combination of incompetence, his basic destructive nature and marginal sanity will have ample time to inflict major damage upon the core fiber of American — if not permanently do us in.

The Republican establishment is powerless to act. After many decades of pandering to xenophobes of every sort to counter changing demographics and an ever more liberal youth vote, the overrun business party has become hostage to Trump and his senseless base.

Therefore we are compelled to wait on Mueller’s (or his many possible replacements) investigative report and the outcome of the 2018-midterm elections before we can start to seriously rectify the wanton destruction of America’s by its nasty underbelly of crude minds who find themselves enthralled by Trump’s crude talk.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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