Defending The Government Of Liberal Democracy Should Be The Whole Purpose Of The Democratic Party

The central purpose of America’s form of liberal democracy was to protect average citizens from the exploits of the rich and powerful. As Lincoln so eloquently stated, the United States was meant to be a government by and for the people. But when Republican shills for the rich and powerful attack the national government as a bloated nanny state, too often Democrats panic and run away from defending the only institution that stands between average folks and virtual slavery.

When Saint Regan proclaimed that Washington was not the solution to the nation’s problems but in fact was part of the nation’s problems, he was stabbing liberal democracy in the back on behalf of his new found rich friends. Yes, the super rich hate all those laws, rules and regulations meant to shield the average Jane and Joe from exploitation.

Very often we hear of Democrats wringing their hands over what policies they should be promoting. Democrats have only one supreme policy to promote and that policy is to strengthen the from of government that protects and strengthens the rights and living standards of average citizens, and to promote that natural mandate loud and clear.

Unfortunately when Republicans talk about getting government out of people’s way, their version of freedom (really freedom for the unscrupulous to fleece the people), Democrats run away. When President Obama pushed for healthcare for the uninsured. Democrats refused to stand shoulder to shoulder with the president and vigorously defend his noble deed. They once again ran way and as a result got run over in the House and Senate elections of 2010.

Without stirring up xenophobic fears within the White working class, the Republican shills for the fat cats could not be politically competitive. Democrats need to find ways to convince, for instance, Whites that it is not minorities that threaten their employment but rather the ease with which corporate power can move their jobs overseas anytime it suits it.

Democrats must work endlessly to convince folks that their interests are best served by a strong liberal democracy, a government not bought up by the super rich. It is all very simple Democrats. You must make it crystal clear that you stand with the people against those whom would only wish to exploit them.

Indeed, big government need not automatically mean bad government. Remember when Republicans do their mantra thing about loving limited government, what they really mean is that they want a government too helpless to stand up to those who hate the democratic power of the people to defend their rights and dignity.

Because you Democrats failed to make clear your devotion to liberal democracy you allowed one into the White House — Donald J. Trump — who, along with is old pal Putin, are avowed destroyers of those institutions that protect the people.

Okay, I relented and wrote an original article. But I still don’t intend to make it a habit.


Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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