Democracy Is An Unnatural From Of Governance And Trump Is Perfectly Poised To Do In America’s Version Of It.

The tribal impulse (emanating from the primitive ego) to team up with like kind and reject those who are different is the single greatest instigator of conflict around the globe. This is a particularly unsettling factor in democracies of great diversity of ethnicity, race and religion.

President Trump whose brain seems to wallow in his primitive ego is mentally perfectly situated to lead the xenophobic 40% of Americans whose low intellect makes them susceptible for hating the “other.” These self-loathing folks who are desperate to unload their self-hatred upon others are by internal makeup not champions of democracy. In fact they both fear and hate democracy. Democracy gives them no cover for their real or perceived deficiencies.

Deep down in their hearts they cheer and pine for the end of democracy and freedom. They longingly wish for the rise of a strongman to whom they can hand over responsibility for their existence — no responsibility, no blame, just blind adherence to the will of the leader, which for them is the greatest liberating freedom of all.

And thus because democracy is so much out of step with the primitive mindset and the fact that America’s primitives are currently neatly bundled within a single political party, the nation’s democracy has become particularly venerable to a pretending strongman character like President Trump spewing forth hatred and lies.

One by one Trump is cutting the delicate cords that hold a democracy together until it becomes him alone that embodies the nation. The firing of James Comey, as the FBI director’s investigation of the Trump administration’s Russian connection comes to a boil, is just one more move to slip America free of the emotional complexities inherent of a democracy.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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