Did The Ultimate Law Of The Universe (Probability Balance) Design Donald John Trump To Carry Out Its Mandate?

Ever since the US and Soviets perfected their nuclear weapon systems humanity’s continued existence has hung on by a thread. There have been numerous close calls to letting the instruments of total annihilation loose. The Cuban Missile crisis, 13 days of October 1962, has become the best know, but there have been other just as serious close calls, mostly involving false indications of attack due to technical glitches.

But perhaps nature has, alas, become impatient, waiting on the ultimate offset to humankind’s magnificent creations. Yes, I’m once again pushing my favorite pet theory, which states, that throughout the universe creation at some point in time is always offset buy destruction — stars are born and stars die the same as with we human’s, including at some point, very assuredly, our entire species and its creations.

Yes, we are killing off our long run (in our limited concept of time) on this earth via global warming, but that is a slow process compared with a few hours of terminating fire and fury brought on by a nuclear free-for-all. Yet, if by a miracle some morsel of humanity in some obscure place on earth should survive the trial by fire, the follow-on long nuclear winter will surely freeze out that last flicker of life.

And thus, with the stage set for human obliteration, that brings us to the extremely mercurial Donald John Trump, the destroyer of all that comes within his grasp. Putting the Donald in the White House is like putting a five year old in a fireworks factory with a blowtorch. He just won’t be able to resist the most catastrophic playing with fire acts.

When one thinks of all the crazy stuff that had to go wrong — from Hillary as Trump’s opponent to the weird Electoral College, Comey’s mess ups and Russian assistance — one can only conclude that the law of probability balance is simply irresistible. In DJT the detonator of end times times has arrived. No wonder wacky evangelicals love the guy.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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