Donald J. Trump IS The Most Girly, Girly Of Guys Ever

Down through the ages women have exasperated men with the way in which they instinctively tend to personalize and emotionalize everything.

“Do you like my dress?”

“Yes, dear, it’s very nice.”

“No you don’t”

No I don’t what, dear?

‘No, you hate my dress. You think it makes me look fat. I know by the tone of your voice that you think it does.”

“The tone of my voice — really?

This is why that down through the ages men have found it difficult to take women seriously when it comes to business and politics. And of course today’s modern, progressive women have found what they see as this male chauvinism (Archie Bunker guys) to be infuriatingly demeaning and insulting. This, alas, hostile reaction to male chauvinism at time only seems to confirm the point that females are, indeed, too sensitive for certain careers outside the home.

But it is not only men who react negatively to women who act in ways that appear to be unconventional. Often other women do as well. For instance when young Bill Clinton became governor of Arkansas the locals of both genders did not take kindly to what they saw as wife Hillary’s uppity, Yankee ways.

A Southern governor’s wife was expected to stay with in the traditional bounds of wife, mother and homemaker. Hillary’s serious and modern look, and politically laced words, were seen as not ladylike — alien. In fact this impression has continued to somewhat dog Hillary Clinton throughout her political career.

And finally this brings us to the Donald. The irony of all ironies is that Donald J. Trump; a man who most prides himself on his male toughness is actually the most girlish of males on the planet. By contrast he makes the average women look calm, cool and collected. He is a man who sees every word directed at him, his family and his business as either praise or insult. He is completely incapable of neutral objectivity. What he calls counterpunching is nothing more than off the wall over the top female style sensitivity. It is nearly impossible for him to get though a sentence without becoming shunted into some defensive, paranoid rant.

It is this void of objectivity that scares the nation’s serious government professionals, particularly those having to do with security and national defense. With Trump as president it will be like putting the most immature twelve-year-old girl in charge of the nuclear codes and world survival. Serious women can be quite wonderful people, but an infantile girly, girly guy like Donald Trump is a nauseating terror to behold.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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