Donald J. Trump Our Pretend President

If Donald Trump thought that pretending to be a businessman was hard he is finding out that pretending to be a president is way harder. In fact when it came to pretending to be a businessman all he had to do was to put on a glitzy front by mostly plastering his name in big, bold letters on tall buildings and private planes and keep the chaos raging among his own staff so that they wouldn’t figure out that the boss was stone cold ignorant, and like a petulant child had no intention of learning anything.

That obviously worked just fine as long as there were banks willing to keep bailing him out of silly deals gone bad. But then at long last American and some foreign banks wised up, forcing him to go hat in hand to the Russians to keep his house of cards from falling down.

He did have one special talent and that was in convincing those Americans as clueless as himself about how business, government and the world works that he had the experience and knowhow to be president. But now that the powers to be around the nation are seeing that President Trump is an empty bag of tricks who only knows how to tweet red meat to his base, his power and influence is evaporating faster than a thimble’s worth of water on a red hot griddle.

Except for his most die-hard admirers his bluster and nonstop lying has lost any amount of influence it might once have possessed. Democrats and Republican, and even his own staff, are starting to rush past him as if he were no more significant than the White House doorbell. Indeed, the safest political play currently in Washington is to oppose Trump.

Sure General Kelly will likely throw the Trumper a bone in the form of a compliment every once in awhile as he goes about the job of being virtual president, while Trump takes bows before no one who cares. All those about the Donald are just waiting for special counsel Mueller to make his report so that the pretending fool can be sweep off the political stage. It’s over Mr. President. Apparently everyone in the world knows you’re a fraud but you sir — sad.

Al Franken for president

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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