Donald John Trump Is A Perfect Caricature Of What Conservatism Has Always Been About — Me-Me-Me

Conservatism flows directly from the most primitive foundation of the mind — egocentrism — me above all else. The mandate of the ego, the nucleus of egocentrism, is to survive and flourish by any means possible — the-me-me aspect of the human mindset. It, also, can be accurately said that the driver of crime and corruption is firmly rooted in the soil of that basic survival mandate. Therefore conservatism and corruption must actually go hand in hand like a set of Siamese twins so to speak.

The lower order of society is always conservative as to its most dominant mindset, even if those among its ranks were neither smart enough nor lucky enough to end up as the bigger sharks of the business or political exploitation class. Moreover, while those befitting the lower conservative social order are often the first to be exploited by top predator conservatives, they nevertheless are easily lead to politically support their exploiters, because in their hearts of hearts they know that if they could have they certainly would have done likewise.

Also, lower order conservatives find do-gooder liberals particularly galling simply because more open and generous liberal souls cause them to show up poorly by comparison, especial when liberals expose conservative holier than thou rhetoric to be out and out phony.

Moderate, fair minded ex conservative Republicans like Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace (both now with MSNBC) have always been blinded to the essence of true, bare bones conservatism. Even to this day they continue to wrap themselves in a fairytale fog of what it means to be a true conservative, as if Trump was some sort of monstrous aberration of conservatism rather than an honest and open symbol of it. Indeed, these old-line moderate “conservatives” still wistfully dream refrains of small government as if small government was a good thing instead of simply a desire by the diabolical to keep government weak and ineffective, too feeble for combatting corporate power and wealth.

But notice that the vast majority of Republicans get it, and are even unapologetically owning up to it by flat out embracing the Donald — and see how Senators McConnell and Graham have dropped all pretense of fairness now that the cat is finally out of the bag thanks to Trump. No, no conservatism hasn’t changed, it’s simply come out of the closet.

Yes, my friends, Republicans have quickly come to adore their president. His brand of corruption fits right in with their donors’ mandate for plundering state and federal treasuries on behalf of the well connected and their political shills. Indeed, Putin’s Russian system of preferred governance on behalf of loyal friends is looking better by the day, a system that the Russian president seems to have personal handed over to Mr. Trump.

The bottom line of conservatism is that it is a selfish, ruthless Darwinian survival of the fittest pursuit of personal advantage — others be damned.

Here are some of the basic hallmarks of conservatives:

Conservative’s are exclusive (tribal). They only care about their own kind and are either hateful or indifferent of others.

Conservatives have no qualms about how they get ahead or win. Cutting political corners by employing an array of voter suppression tactics or inviting foreign intervention into our domestic politics suits them just fine.

They love American style freedom and liberty. What they really mean is that they love the freedom to do as they please, as in that good old unfettered brand of American capitalism.

Conservatives don’t care a wit about the collateral damage they cause in their drive to get ahead and attain wealth. They see environmentalism and global warming as inhibiting nonsense. And what about those poor folks trapped in regions of high pollution — let them move if they don’t like it. Besides these dumb dumbs are too lazy to vote, so who cares.

Conservatives are short term driven. The next quarter profit is corporate America’s God. In fact they would be among the first to want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, or at least cut open the egg pouch before the other guy does.

And so it goes, particularly in Trump world.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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