Donald “Johnny One Note” Trump

For those outside the Trump/Fox/Limbaugh bubble, they need not look too hard to see that the Donald is singularly focused. He has no interested in civics, the Constitution, balance of powers, American values, security issues, government institutions, international norms, fair play and truth, or any pretense of consistency, nor does he care a wit about being loyal to his staff. In fact he relishes insulting every individual and group but one — his base.

Trump without doubt is the utmost example of a pure, primitive ego undiluted by intellect ever to rise to high office in American history. He asks only one question of himself before opening his mouth or setting in motion a predawn tweet storm, will it play well with the people who suck up to me personally, will it make them love me even more and increase their hatred of my enemies? There is nothing else on his mind except hatred and revenge for those who do not love him.

To lean hard upon pop psychology, perhaps deep down he hates the father he pretended to love and admire, the father who worshiped his older brother but banished him (little Donald) to military school. Perhaps he sees the power and authority of America’s mighty institutions that he feverishly attacks, like the courts and the security branches, as stand-ins for the authority of the hated father that he pretends to esteem.

Indeed, perhaps it’s all just deflective hatred from the one he is supposed to love. Perhaps everything about his zany life is defected emotion and the reason why truth has no meaning for him. And perhaps it’s others of broken spirit, others who feel cheated by life that so irrationally and frantically identify with him and cling to him. Perhaps they, too, are at heart a Jonny one note at sea in an alternate reality.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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