Donald Trump And His Thirteen Rhetorical Fallacies Of Demagoguery

In Trump’s lowbrow rhetorical campaign of “me great she bad” against Secretary Clinton, the Donald proves to be the master of the 13 fallacies of demagoguery.

1 Over generalizing: “She lied about her e-mails. She lies about everything.”

2 Thin entering wedge: Well the women got the vote in 1920 and what happened? Very little.

3 Getting personal: If you can’t win the argument abuse your opponent — “low energy Jeb, little Marco, lying Ted.”

4 You’re another: Whatever negative characteristic is commonly attributed to Trump, you can be certain that he will vehemently accuse his opponent of the very same. Trump is often called a pathological liar, thus he repeatedly calls her “lying Hillary.”

5 Cause and effect: Like Trump, the cock observed that after he crowed every morning the sun camp up. Therefore he reasoned that his crowing made the sun come up. No, Donald those millions who voted for you weren’t in love with you. It is just that they used you as a protest vehicle. You could have been Mickey Mouse for all they cared.

6 False Analogies: “I’m going to build a great wall that will make you safe. A big beautiful wall.” Every day thousands pass back and fourth legally between the US and Mexico and the rest of the world. They walk, drive and fly into this country to visit friends and relatives, shop (adding millions to the American economy) work and do business. How is a trillion dollar wall supposed to be relevant when there is so massive a movement back and fourth, wall or no wall. A wall and safety is a ridiculous analogy.

7 Wise men can be wrong: “I’m going to depend on some of the smartest men in the world like Carl Icahn.” Mr. Icahn has recently been accused of stock fraud and has said that Herbalife (about as legitimate as Trump University) is not a pyramid scheme.

8 Figures prove: While Trump can point out the fact that the national Debt almost doubled under Obama (because that is what it took to recue the cratering economy due to Wall Street games) the president was still able to cut the deficit by two thirds.

9 Appeal to the crowd: “Rapists and murderers are pouring across our boarders.” Bringing up the imagine of a human cattle stampede. The net illegal boarder crossings are from the US to Mexico over the last several years, not the other way around.

10 Arguing in circles: Some Christians are said to believe that the Bible is infallible. Why? it is asked. Because it says so. “I’m so smart,” says Trump. Why? one may ask. “Because I say so,” Trump replies.

11 Self-evident truths: “Many many people tell me.” What people Mr. Trump? “Many important people. And it goes without saying — many people saw it on television.” “Is there a tape of this somewhere, Mr. Trump?” “Oh there are tapes all over the place.” “Where?” “Well you should know better than me.”

12 Black or white: Issues are rarely black or white but demagogues like Trump are betting that they can convince the unsophisticated or the fanatical minded that they are.

13 Guilt by association: Mr. Trump has on occasion attended church. So can he be accused of being a religious man just because he has had intercourse with men and women of faith?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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