Eagles Have Much Better Talent Than Local Beat Reporters Have Been Telling You Fans

When Chip Kelly’s arrogant college ways demoralized veteran Eagles players, owner Jeffery Lurie quickly stepped in to the give Kelly the boot. He then immediately tagged Doug Peterson, a one-time Eagles quarterback, to be head coach. Lurie knew that if anything, Peterson possessed an exact opposite personality of Kelly. Lurie called it emotional intelligence. And so it came to pass that with Doug’s soothing personality and some very good and experienced assistant coaches beneath him, hope was renewed.

Cutting to the chase, by bold wheeling and dealing general manager Howie Roseman managed to draft a hot QB prospect, Carson Wentz, out of North Dakota State.

In his second year, Wentz was having a pro bowl time of it before he suffered a season ending injury. Roseman had also managed to gather an odd assortment of veteran and young players that somehow came together overflowing with team chemistry. Yet all they had left for QB duty after Wentz was lost was wildly up and down veteran Nick Foles out of Arizona.

Wentz had carried the birds to near the end of the season in good shape, so it was up to Foles to do what he could to take the team into the playoffs. Not much was expected of the guy who soon would be called Saint Nick. As we all know magic finally struck the Philadelphia Eagles (E A G L E S). Foles went on the greatest tear of his career, beating the fabulous Tom Brady and the New England Patriot football machine in the Super Bowl LII, a spectacular and entertaining QB shootout with Foles being named the MVP.

But then things began going down hill for the Eagles. A few years of merciless injuries and the melting away of some critically important assistant coaches caused the team to finally end up at the bottom of the already bad NFC East. There were two closely related problems besides the extraordinary flurry of injuries that caused this collapse. First off the assistance coaching staff by 2020 was of poor quality. It was simply terrible at developing young talent; and second, Doug Peterson was afraid to move on from big name players that were either over the hill or at least well past their prime.

Once again owner Jeffery Lurie had seen enough. It was a painful thing for him to let go of his good friend, coach Pederson, and bring in some hotshot, young coaches. Now of course we can’t say for sure how Nick Sirianni and his young gun assistants will work out, but we already know this — they are at heart teachers, and it’s already beginning to show. That brings me to the main point: the Eagles have much more talent than Philly beat writers have let on.

First off because of all the injuries to key players in recent years it made the team seem much worse off than really is the case. Then, too, because the previous coaching staff had been so lousy at developing the team’s young talent, on the surface, that really made the teams seem bad. Moreover, there was the issue of having to get rid of their QB head case, Carson Wentz. He was demoralizing the team, which added to the notion of a bad team with bad chemistry.

Realizing that QB Wentz was likely running off the rails, Roseman drafted (stole) in the second round of 2020 an awesomely mobile QB, Jalen Hurts. Philly fans and sports writers went ballistic over what they called a wasted pick at the time. But as I see it, Howei was gambling on a cheap insurance policy for the misfit, Wentz.

But here’s the deal, my Eagles friends. The Birds likely have more talent on this season’s team than the one that won the Super Bowl. For starters the offensive line, when healthy, is perhaps as good as it gets, and because so many young guys were forced into action last season due to injury the depth is incredible.

But most important of all is that we now have a coaching staff that is bringing out the hidden talent of the last three or four drafts, especially wide receivers and defensive backs. And of course as usual Howie is managing to fill in a few critical holes at the last minute.

All in all the defensive line is loaded for bear and the linebackers and secondary are significantly improved. Moreover, Gannon’s defense is not going to be so predictable as has been the case over recent years.

On offense we are beginning to see lots of firepower in both the running and passing game to go along with what should be a powerhouse O line. And then there is that cherry on top of the cake, perhaps rookie of the year, WR Devanta Smith — not to mention a highly mobile QB with terrific leadership and intangibles that is being well handled by the coaching staff. One would expect him to turn out as more than just serviceable.

Retuning to those local sports writers, some of these guys can’t see talents until its in the NFL Hall of Fame, especially the ones that giggle “LIKE” valley girls with the word like as every third word of their trite POD casts.

Go fourth, Birds, and tear up the league just as I suspect might be the case, because this team’s got talent. E A G L ES!


This organization is now a dumpster fire!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!