I know I said that I’m done with writing original articles and I am, but there has been an event way too important to pass up commenting upon — very briefly. I have been promoting the idea of Joe Biden and KamalaHarris as the ideal Democratic ticket for president and vice president.


Yesterday I saw a tiny snippet of an interview of Joe Biden that stunned me. Now this may be a gross paraphrasing of what he said, but it is dead on as to the basic meaning of his incredible words.

Joe said something to the effect that once Donald Trump is out of the picture his old Republican “buddies” would come back to their senses. This is by far the most clueless and dangerous statement that I have ever seen uttered by a 2020 Democrat running for president.

Has old Joe been under a rock for that last thirty years of the Republicans led by Mitch McConnell dog whistling the worst of Fox and Friends to become the Republican Party’s misfit base? Trump didn’t poison the Republicans to become the xenophobic devils that they are. Despicable as Trump is he’s merely exploiting the party for his own personal advantage.

The Republican Party has long ago abandoned democratic ideals, principles and methods of operation. Is Joe deaf, dumb and blind as to how Republicans have ruthlessly trashed the character and accomplishments of his pal President Obama long before Trump?

Either Joe isn’t the guy of character we hoped he’d be, or else he has become way too senile to become president.

Either way, folks, do NOT support Joe Biden for president. As nice as Joe sometimes seems, still, we don’t need to replace one broken down moron with another.

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