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  • Ryan Lynch

    Ryan Lynch

    Hi! I’m Ryan Lynch. I enjoy reading anything from Robert Frost to Jhumpa Lahiri. I like writing vignettes and capturing the small moments of my life.

  • Ed Sharrow

    Ed Sharrow

    Ed Sharrow is an author, a philosopher, a Christian meditation instructor, and founder of the United by Love community.

  • Modjtaba Najafi

    Modjtaba Najafi

  • Paul Maxwell

    Paul Maxwell

    Novice writer, writing about ideas I have.

  • Jan Sebastian

    Jan Sebastian

    I had a stroke so I can’t walk or talk, but I can write! Just a new chapter in life. I love the journey. By me a cup of coffee Ko-fi.com/jansebastian5419

  • Felicia


  • Rodrigo Dezubiria

    Rodrigo Dezubiria

  • Mario Savioni

    Mario Savioni

    I work in photography, poetry, fiction, criticism, oils, drawing, music, condo remodeling and design. I am interested in catharsis. Savioni@astound.net.

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