Former Moderate Republicans Are Staggering Around In A Political Wilderness

Steve Schmidt, the campaign mastermind whom Woody Harrelson played in the HBO movie Game Change about the Sarah Palin fiasco, when said lady was brought in from Alaska to be Senator John McCain’s VP running mate, is a good guy, a real American Patriot. Unfortunately it was moderate Republicans like Schmidt that allowed the Tea Party to take root in the Republican Party, opening the door for Trump. And the same folks that still think trickle down economics is a wonderful thing, even after its full bore trial run crashed and burned the state of Kansas.

Currently these moderate Republicans are politically homeless, definitely despising Trump Republicans but fearful of what they see as far left Democrats. So it would seem that they are now trying to constitute a third party based on the long discredited economic theories of Jack Kemp, meaning the afore mentioned trickle down theory as their plan for national prosperity. You know, don’t tax the corporate rich because they are the job creators and their money and investments will eventually raise everyone’s standard of living.

But how does that theory hold up in the real world? First and foremost corporations don’t create jobs; market demand creates jobs. Meaning that when the average Jane and Joe have money to burn they spend, creating product demand and forcing corporations to hire more folks or else miss out on extra profits. Otherwise one of the chief occupations of corporate CEOs is to find ways to cut jobs, that being the easiest way to pad the bottom line. And so good economics is more of a trickle up process than trickle down.

In any event, our former Republican moderates are looking to find some sensible businessman whom they can rally around and will return them to those marvelous pre Trump days of Republicanism. This despite that fact that average Americans are sick the old Wall Street ways where the fats cats get the bread and the rest get a few crumbs.

So come on, Stevie boy, get it up to speed. Howard Schultz is not the answer. Right now you’re riding a dead horse that can only foul up the works. I suppose you think all these free programs that the Democrats are proposing to the public are just crazy pie in the sky fantasies. Yet what they are proposing is pretty much the same programs that other, more enlightened nations of the world, already have in place. I mean, what do you think we could have accomplished with that trillion dollars that the GOP borrowed to hand over to their rich benefactors? Americans are tried of getting stiffed.

They want their cut of the action. Then they can spend like crazy and drive the economy in ways that everyone, even the rich, will do well. So come on, Stevie, get into the twenty-first century — learn to be a progressive. Join in where the world is headed, not a conservative pining for where it’s been. America needs good men like you pushing forward. You need to find that awesome path out of the political wilderness, man!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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