G. W. Bush’s Flawed Presidency Shall Be Saved To History By The Trumpster

If George W. ever feared that he might be regarded by history as the worst president ever, he can just put that thought right out of mind. After the coming train wreck that will be the Trump presidency, W. will look like Mount Rushmore material.

Old George may have been a little slow in places and had some daddy issues, but personally he was never a bad guy. You might even say he was a sweet guy.

His only major failing in politics was in going with the loathsome Dick Cheney as his vice president. It was an understandable mistake. After all he didn’t want to be dependent on dear old dad for advice. And of course Dickey boy was oh so available for the job.

In Cheney, Bush was looking for a seasoned mentor and advisor, and as we know, for at least Bush’s first term, what he got with Dick was a power usurper of the first order. But after he realized the trouble that his sneaky VP has gotten him and the country into, at least he had the courage to push him to the back of the room and turn to the ever-charming Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as his principal advisor.

So even though he can never fully escape the Cheney fiasco, it’s long-term affect on history is going to be considerably diminished by the unsurpassed antics of the most evil of evil ones — Donald John Trump.

If ever there was a man that you didn’t want anywhere near the White House during an international crisis, it is the blathering, fumbling, bumbling, I know everything I need to know because it lives in my gut, Trump.

Poor old George — via Cheney’s ceaseless prodding — he may have opened Pandora’s box in the Middle East, but you can bet the ranch that the Donald is itching to totally blow up Pandora’s box and probably the entire world for good measure.

So rest easy there, George. If anyone is still around in a few years, your time in office is going to look quite tame by comparison. Indeed BOTH your and Obama’s time in office will be looked upon as the good old days when democracy thrived and the world still had places of peace and tranquility.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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