Games Of Thrones Goes Republican

The saying goes that war is politics by other means and experienced soldiers will tell you that there is no truth or mercy on the battlefield. Which is to say that when push comes to shove politics can be a dirty, ugly game of power seeking and holding, or as they also say, politics ain’t beanbag.

There have always been some good men in the GOP as symbolized by Dwight David Eisenhower, war hero general and president of the United States back in the day. In fact during the 1960’s it was Republicans like Senator Everett Dirksen and his Ilk who were critical in helping President Lyndon B. Johnson move on civil rights legislation designed to kill off the semi slavery of Jim Crow at a time when America’s dark side was represent by Southern Democrats — Dixiecrats.

Since the 1960’s America’s dark side has been steadily migrating over to the Republican camp, the party of Wall Street being desperate for votes was more than willing to sell its soul to the devil in order to maintain power.

Now the Devil is demanding his do in the form of one Donald J. Trump. While the Republican leadership has been babbling about conservative values that have nothing to do with the party’s dark side base, the base was getting restless for a leader who would express their true values.

So now the game of thrones is on, an existential struggle between the party’s Wall Street shills and its dark side base. Some in the leadership advise that they surrender to the base and the base’s charmingly demonic leader. Some say they will never surrender to the Devil while many like nice guy Speaker Paul Ryan are paralyzed to decide.

The bottom line is that the party has over the years gone so far out on the pandering to the dark side limb that there is no viable way back to grace, and of course the Donald is joyously wallowing in this hard reality. Indeed, the reality TV king has found his ultimate reality reward as that of having his Wall Street enemies by the crouch.

The only important question that remains is just how physical will this battle become. Will the convention erupt into a literal bloodbath? At what point does war by other means turn to actual war, like the bloody American Civil War presided over by the greatest Republican of them all — A. Lincoln?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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