Governor JayInslee Of Washington State A Better Alternative To Joe Biden

Don’t get me wrong folks I love old Joe, but OLD’s the point. Like Mrs. Clinton, Joe’s time has come and gone. We’ve had enough of old folks rambling around the White House even if Biden is young at heart and full of wisdom. We need a fresh face, someone in his or her prime of life, perhaps a younger version of the last Democratic VP.

Up until recently Trump has had an easy time of it. He doesn’t have to do a thing; he inherited Obama’s fully righted ship of state and a booming economy. Yet without the slightest effort, the Donald is trying his normal best, which isn’t much, to run America into the ground just as his friend Mr. Putin and America’s other enemies around the world are quite happy to see.

Indeed, all Trump really has to do is to continue saying that he is doing great things and that he never does wrong. Anything counter to that message is a hoax, friends. This party line nestles neatly among his nearly one thousand already documented lies that have dribbled out of his tweedy bird mouth.

To go up against this braying baboon the Democrats need to nominate for president someone of honest action, one who’s in the prime years of his or her life, someone with the gravitas to steamroll Trump.

Governor Jay Inslee is the perfect person for the job. He’s a good balance of progressive and pragmatist. Moreover, he is, and has been for a long time, focused like a laser on combating climate change, pushing for twenty-first century energy solutions and types of good paying jobs that will address the problem, but is also capable of pressing for a lot more critical fixes.

He is an energetic, fresh faced, younger version of Joe Biden, without the Biden baggage. He is photogenic in a very presidential way. He has a long list of practical accomplishments as governor of Washington State that Trump couldn’t hope to equal in ten lifetimes. He does, however, have one serious drawback. Who the heck knows of him outside of his home state?

Remember when a young black Senator out of Illinois was in the same boat? Now, of course, Barack Obama’s a two-term past president, who, along with wife Michelle, are the two most revered of Americans. Take that Donald “scum bum and future jail bird” Trump. But I digress.

In any event, by the time the Democratic debates roll around and Trump tags Governor Inslee with one of his pet names (maybe Jay Bird) people should quickly get a sense that he’s the one that they badly need to nominate and elect as the next president of the United Sates of America.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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