Hate Is The Most Powerful Of Unifying Agents

Everyone talks in theory about the wonders of love. But listen to any typical conversation and it will most likely consist of grumping discontent. The hard reality is that hate like decay is the default human condition.

I mean politicians save their most hateful attacks on their opponents to the very end of the campaign, hopefully as the knockout punch. Indeed, negative adds work no matter how much folks (usually the other side) decry them.

Building up a society requires much work and talent to execute only then to have serious accomplishments taken for granted or disparaged by morons. On the other hand hate and destruction come easy to talentless windbags. And yet, since hate is such a magical unifier of people, any determined clown can make it work with such sophomoric slogans as Make America Great Again, meaning make America White again.

The trouble with hate, as a powerful unifier, is that it soon begins to feed upon itself. There is no trust in hate — anybody and everybody can be the enemy. Moreover, hate as a unifying agent can’t be sustained without a clear enemy — bogyman. But once the backstabbing begins the contrived enemy gets lost in the decaying struggle for survival among the movement’s top princelings.

Of course at present we have this reality TV buffoon, one Donald J. Trump, playing the hate game. He has one pathetic political party and 40% of the nation; it’s most blatant know-nothings, securely in his grip. But hatemongers can’t help themselves, and sooner or later their grandiosity drives them to over play their hand.

Yes, Hitler overran France and part of Poland with ease. But then, feeling invincible, he caused his troops to plow into Russia only to be smashed up by the Russian winter and the massive Soviet Army at Stalingrad.

The 2020 elections may turn out to be Trump’s Stalingrad. In which case it’s off to the slammer for the rest of his corrupt life, putting an end to the most recent outburst of American hate.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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