Hey, Donald, What Makes You Think You Are So F***ing Smart?

Poor, poor Donald, don’t you know that the only folks that pontificate with absolute certainty on issues, as you do, is because they don’t know squat about the subject at hand. You haven’t figured that one out yet, have you, Donny Boy? And apparently neither has the fools that support you. Oh sure your con act is good enough to do a snow job on some country bumpkins, but anyone who has bothered to look up the results of your wheeling and dealings knows your business record is a dumpster fire.

Yes, indeed, Donald, you do a mighty fine job of selling a story of success about yourself to the desperate, as well as to those who hate as you do. But it’s nothing an educated person could swallow, except for some of your low life, lying flunkies and a few religious freaks pretending to love Jesus.

I bet you’re so far gone now that you can’t even remember a time when it was that you were trying to convince yourself of your smarts, or when it was that you actually started to believe such an absurdity. But just in case there’s a flicker of sense left in you, let me disabuse of such a silly notion — you’re NOT. It’s all a hoax that you perpetrated on yourself and a very small part of the world.

Oh sure, you were elected president, but only because your Russian pals figured out how to game the Electoral College, and you beat up on a girl. In fact one might surmise that you have beaten up on lots of females.

But as you can see, Donald, all this BS circus of yours is coming to an unhappy ending soon. Good luck in the slammer. Will you still think you’re so smart then, will you?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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