How Are People Going To Know Whom To Believe — What!

Oh, my God, now because Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t come up with an indictment against the president some TV talking heads are moaning as to what people are likely to believe? The short answer is exactly what they believed before Mueller released his report. Those who see Trump as an incompetent menace to the American why of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, as well as the survival of all humanity, will see him the same. Conversely, those who see him as a fearless fighter against some mythical deep state conspiracy will continue to see him in that light.

Moreover, I didn’t see any reporter types insisting that Mueller would uncover indictable collusion sorts of crimes against the Donald. Yes, that was a possibility, but certainly not a probability. That’s why they kept insisting that Mueller had passed off Trump’s real legal dangers to state prosecutors. In fact they often stated that it was his business dealings, not Russian collusion, that would eventually do him in, most likely once he was out of office.

Indeed, there are countless misdeeds that are not listed on the books as criminals’ offenses, but still could seriously threaten America’s viability. For example, if the nation is not formally at war with a particular country, the possibility of criminal treason charges in regard to that country doesn’t exist.

This is why in their wisdom the architects of the American form of government, when conceiving a mechanism for removing a dangerous president from office, said that he could be impeached (indicted in laymen’s terms) for high crimes AND misdemeanors. Thus when Trump takes on the views of our country’s enemies against those of our own security agencies, when he heaps praise on ruthless dictators and besmirches our long standing democratic allies and when he plays free and lose with top secrete information, he might not have violate any specific law, but it’s for sure that he has put the nation in peril. Therefore he is ripe for the House impeachment and the Senate trial process.

Returning to the basic question of how are people going to know whom to believe. Trump’s blatantly obvious lie count is likely over the ten thousand mark by now. On the other hand the entire mainstream press’s errors of information can likely be counted by the fingers on one hand, and those slips, once discovered, publicly retracted in hast.

So whom do you think the general public is liable to believe, the sleaze ball president who openly puts our nation in peril, or the institution that the founding fathers saw as critical to maintaining our democracy, the American free press. This is not a remotely complicate choice, people. Stop pretending that it is, just to hype drama. I’m talking about you, Katy Tur.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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