How In The World Does He — Trump — Do It?

If you asked Trump supporters coming out of the 2016 election why they voted for the Donald many will say that it was because he was such a successful businessman. What planet are these folks living on? The man made incredibly bad business deals that all failed big time, requiring 400 million of his father’s fortune, massive loans from American Banks and finally requiring large infusions of Russian mafia money to keep this so call businessman afloat. Not to mention the thousands of folks he defrauded along the way — not paying contractors and conning poor folks out of their hard earned money with schemes such as Trump University.

Perhaps if you ask Trump supporters today why they continue to support the Donald they will say its because of the great economy, you know that old Democratic line of the Clinton years, “It’s the economy, stupid.” But of course the economy is still running off the built-up momentum of our previous president, despite the downward pressure of Trump’s crazy trade war games with China and other nations.

But who cares about the economy, when, according to an army of mental heath experts, Trump is a dangerously sick man with his finger on the nuclear trigger. I mean one need not be a mental heath expert with a plethora of formal degrees to see by his words, tweets and screwy actions, Trump is just plain nuts.

I mean, are these Trump supporters on some sort of suicide kick? The short answer is yes, if you mean they that they want their emotions gratified even if it kills them and their own. Indeed, folks possessed of primitive egos emotions do often have their common sense overridden, making them deaf, dumb and blind to common sense.

Many times I have reiterated the profound insight of those who say that hate is the most powerful of unifying agents. Combine that factor with the negative offset of nature’s tribal impulse, which in essence says birds of a feather flock together (White nationalism in this case) against the wellbeing of the “other,” and you have revealed Trump destructive magic to lead a large swath of Americans to Hell via his one trick pony talent for hate mongering Unfortunately that means the rest of us have no choice, for now, but to go along for the ride, a ride that none of us might never survive.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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