If You Don’t Like Or Believe In A Government That Is For And By The People Then Trump Is Your Guy

If you hate a well functioning democracy (mostly because you don’t believe in yourself, which is usually the reason for such feelings), then Donald J. Trump is your guy for sure. Never has one individual singlehandedly done more to corrode the mechanisms of a well-run public body than the Donald.

By inviting the chaos monster, the fellow who corrupts, bankrupts and destroys every organization he heads into the White House, we — or more precisely you inexplicable others — thoughtless Americans have endangered almost as never more so in over two hundred and forty years the world’s greatest attempt at a truly free system of governance. Neither the misguided Tea Party nor the clueless “Freedom” Caucus have been so detrimental to the orderly working of government as does the one man band that currently haunts the abode at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

As a candidate for President, Mr. Trump vowed to drain the swamp of Washington corruption. But as with anything else this compulsive liar babbles, you can always bank on the opposite being true. Piece by piece the Trumpster is dismantling the nation’s professional technocrats, men of specialized knowledge, aptitude and sincere dedication to their work who keep the nation strong, and instead is replacing them with fifth rate, totally unqualified men and women who are only too willing to kiss up to Trump simply to get their quick piece of the spoils.

And since men of real ability and honesty wish not to soil themselves by associating with the sleazy one, the “president” can’t find folks to fill thousands of critical positions in the executive branch of government. I mean who wants to play a game of first you’re here and then you’re not according to the Donald’s mood of the day.

So in effect the nation is left more leaderless by the days to the absolute delight of Trump’s best and only true friend Vladimir Putin. While Trump tweets and plays with his balls, sometimes on the golf course, the Russians plan, scheme and maneuver toward America’s demise, a gift indeed for the malcontents among us who in their heart of hearts fear and hate our freedom because it gives them no cover for their failure. Thank God for Trump they says. He will put us in the chains that save us from our worthless selves.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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