If You Were Vladimir Putin How Could You Ever Hope To Take Direct Control Of American Foreign Policy And Sabotage US Interests?

Let’s see now. You, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia and one who has come to power up through the ranks of the old KGB, you would instinctively be a grand master of working the levers of political power in the Kremlin, including the news and propaganda organs. And since you would have at your fingertips virtually unlimited funds and over 70 years of the Russia intelligent service’s mountain of detailed studies of the American system of governance, its laws, federal and state agencies and traditions and its every strength and weaknesses, including the psychology of the various factions of the electorate, you might inevitably come to the conclusion that taking direct control of America’s foreign policy might not be all that difficult.

You would know that it was the president of the United States who most influences and manages foreign affairs both in terms of military operations though the joints chiefs of staff of the various service branches and its foreign policy themes though the state department. Moreover, you would know that the duties of the American president and his operational limitations are not something written in concrete as much as they are based on mere custom. And so you would realize that it was not the American Constitution nor the nation’s laws that would in the end carry the day but as usual good old personal politics.

Thus, if some blunt and charismatic personality, one of utmost self –interest were to become president, he might, with a little outside help, just plow headlong through over 200 years of tradition, trying in effect to become dictator.

Therefore taking control of an American president would be the key to taking control of America’s foreign policy and undercutting her influence on the world stage, simple — right! But then who and how was such a traitorous pigeon going to be put into play?

If only I could find some well-known political type American celebrity, one good at hoodwinking a significant portion of the US public, yet a weak willed, easily controlled, egotistical buffoon. He would, also, have to be someone with whom I have easy access. What about that nut job that facilitates our pals’ money laundering that so-called real state mogul/reality TV host of the Apprentice. He’s got a pretty bigly following among the American dimwits. He hates Obama, and has been making noise about running for president forever.

Wait, you say he will be in town next week to run a beauty contest — perfect! He’s been pestering us for years about building one of his super structures in Moscow. Boy, this is going to be duck soup, or should I say Donald soup in which to drown America. We can either invite him, alone of course, to chat about his pet building project or else entice his fat butt to play with a few of our local young ladies.

However we go about briefly isolating him, once that is accomplished we can give him a quick session of drugs and hypnosis, and this cat will be in the bag. Then it’s just a matter of periotic meetings for mind control reinforcement and new instructions. And sure the American intelligence services will quickly figure out what we are up too, because we will let it fly right out in the open, but who cares. What can they do? We will have them bogged down in political quicksand.

Indeed, by that time our massive disinformation campaign will have imprinted the notion in the American public’s mind that any investigation of Trump is a hoax, some sort of deep state conspiracy by the FBI and CIA to destroy him and his backers. In fact watching our American security advisories floundering around helpless to do anything meaningful about our wrecking ball stooge is going to be great fun.

I know it’s not a sure thing to put him in the White House in the first place, but our political operatives, say that if they play nice with the American right wing (the GOP) with all its dirty tricks combined with our own dirty tricks, all in in conjunction with Hillary’s personality defects, we have a fair chance, if, that is, he manages to first overrun the Republican establishment to get the nomination.

The GOP is currently weak and desperate and most of all it’s at the mercy of its political base, a base that we should have little trouble massaging Trump’s rhetoric to match. Indeed, if we can ever get him nominated and elected president, by the time the US establishment gets a handle on their Trump mess, he will have set the table for us for many a year.

And, as they say, the rest is history. Now, before you go and say this is all nonsense, please pray give me your better explanation for Trump’s bizarre behavior toward Russia and Putin. And don’t just say it’s all about Russian money. Money doesn’t explain how Trump’s rhetoric magically comes up perfectly in sync with Russian talking points at just the right moment. But do give it your best shot.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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