I’m Beginning To Tire Of The Morning Joe Dream

Don’t get me wrong, as conservative Republicans go, Joe Scarborough is an ace of a guy. It’s just that he doesn’t get it about government. He sounds like almost every other moderate Republican (if they dare call themselves Republicans since the party has fallen into the Trump dumpster). Joe of course wants smaller, less regulated government. He talks about unfettered government as the problem.

No Mr. Regan. No Mr. Scarborough, unfettered government is not our primary problem. Unfettered capitalism that buys up government for its own purpose is the real problem. And to get the votes to pull that off, for thirty years moderate Republicans like good old Joe stood by and let Newt Gingrich and his ilk pandered to America’s ugly underbelly. Now as a result of that the Republican Party has become tailored made to fit a leader like the Donald, and Scarborough type Republicans are stunned to be reaping the Trump whirlwind.

But getting back to that tired old Republican manta of smaller government that Joe likes so much. It does have sort of a nice ring to it. But in reality it’s like asking Wal-Mart to go back to being a mom and pop operation. And if you want to see what a mom and pop operation looks like when applied to a modern world government, just take a good look at the Trump administration. The Donald has run a very small mom and pop family business his whole adult life before taking the concept to Washington, and what a mess it is making for America and the world.

As far as smaller government goes, Joe, it all sounds so simple, so good. Just cut the fat from government and America will be great again, right? But where is this fat? Ask the air traffic controllers to make cuts and they will tell you that with the few personnel they have now, the system is already running on the ragged edge of unsafe. The same goes for food inspectors, first responders, and a thousand and one other critical government agencies needed for a first-rate nation in our complex modern world, Joe.

You “Republicans” can’t keeping giving away tax revenues for the benefit of super rich and expect America not to turn into a third rate banana republic. I understand the quaint appeal of a little old 18th century government, but that just doesn’t work in the 21st century. So when this Trumpish nightmare hopefully ends soon with the world still in place, I would expect, Joe, that you moderate Republicans begin to take a more realistic view of the role of a modern government that serves all the people. Good Republicans need to push for a realistic healthcare system and sensible gun control laws, and get back to working with the rest of the world on fighting climate change and cleaning up the environment. And of course the first mess to clean up will be the Trump mess, for which you helped grease to skids, JOE.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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