Injuries Are Determining The Seasons Of Most NFL Teams

Injuries have always been an important factor of determining football success, but never more so than in the NFL in recent years. Cutting to the chase, well over twenty years ago I moved west to Arizona from the Philadelphia metropolitan area, but I’m still a big Philadelphia Eagles fan — since 1948.

This morning I’m listening to the main Philly sports radio station on my computer, WIP, when I hear this moronic talking head complain that he thinks that that Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, needs to be tougher on the team.

Now I get it that folks in the sports world don’t like to contemplate injuries, if at all possible, as a critical factor, because that would mean that fate more than coaches and players determine outcomes.

But injuries are a huge part of the NFL reality and folks need to own up to that harsh element of the game. But here’s the thing. The Eagles are hardly more than a MASH ward of injuries, yet coach Pederson somehow by luck and great coaching — and the Eagles being in a weak division — he has got the team in first place in in the NFC East Division.

Yet it’s like the team is in the middle of a great battle with bodies sprawled out in agony all over the place, and this sports radio talking head wants the coach to go all hard ass drill sergeant on them instead of working his magic to successfuly pump life into a seriously depleted squad.

The Eagles offense has only one starter on the line, the center, and it’s hotshot rookie, a first round wide receiver is out with a broken thumb. Its super star running back is sideline with a knee injury and two fantastic tight ends are out indefinitely. The Eagles have been in a run of incredible bad luck injury wise since the team won the super bowl in 2017, yet coach Pederson has managed to keep it competitive from odds and ends practical off the street.

And still this bloviating sports radio jock somehow wants to blame the coach for the team’s slow starts in recent years. Yah, this knucklehead mentions the team’s incredible injury problems at times, but then as soon as he begins analyzing of the situation that factor seems to completely escapes his mind, and sadly he is not alone in his blind spot. Pathetic!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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