Is The GOP On The Verge Of Making A Monument Shift In Political Strategy?

As far back as Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, with their support of civil rights, Republicans in general have been moving covertly towards a Whites only party, hoping to cash in on White resentment of minorities. This was particularly effective when Whites were an overwhelming majority of the American electorate.

While this was a thinly veiled tactic meant to appeal to out and out racists, its main trust was simply to exploit run-of-the-mill, nature induced White tribalism (fear and distrust of the “other”), but with Donald Trump now the party’s figurehead things have gotten completely out of hand.

In fact I’m thinking that the Trump administration might be seen years down the road in hindsight as the big ugly period at the end of the last sixty-five years or so of sordid Republicanism, a epoch where conservatism morphed into a nasty, Trumpian brand of bigotry and nativism.

The moral load of Republicans having to make common cause with some of the more poisonous personalities of Fox News and their despicable far right-wing satellite media types has been wearing away moderate Republicans for many a year, and now even conservative Republicans are beginning to breakdown under the criminal load of President Trump.

The better cable channels are replete with former Republicans of high ethical standards and abiding patriotism basting Trump and his bottom feeding supporters, hoping that somehow the party they once loved will come back to its senses.

Even though a large contingent of Republican politicians continue to publically support Trump — fearing Trump’s base supporters — most are holding their breath until he is out of office. They see him as threatening the Constitution, democracy and making a shambles of America’s foreign policy in favor of our enemies while undoing our allies.

Personally, I think a majority of Republican politicians are coming to the point where they see that to continue down the same noxious road they have been traveling in recent years just to hold an office or some semblance of power simply isn’t worth the moral strain, kind of a paraphrased realization of their situation as, “for what profits a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul,” at least viewed as such by those Republicans that still have a soul.

Even crafty old Mitch McConnell seems to be showing hints here and there that his party-before-all-else-game is nearly up. He understands that for the sake of Republicans, and surely for the sake of the country, things are going to have to change while there is still a functioning, though barely so, country left. Yes, I see a major shift in the GOP’s political strategy about to explode on the scene in the coming months, and not a minute too soon.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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