Is There Some Truth To This Or Is It Pure Fiction?


“So, Mr. Putin, you’ve gotten wind of our little plot to make Donald Trump president of the United States.”

“Indeed, I have, sir, very funny I must say.”

“Oh, I, assure you, Vlad old buddy, this is no laughing matter. The Donald, as he is jokingly referred to in the US, would be the perfect target to give the old Manchurian Candidate treatment.”

“You mean brainwash him into serving our purpose?”

“Well, crudely put I guess you could call it that. But you see, Vlad, our combination of drugs and hypnosis methods of controlling the mind have come a long way since you and I were in the KGB service together — mighty, mighty effective stuff, now days.”

“So how do you suppose you will get a chance to give him the treatment?”

“No problem, Mr. president.”

“Trump will be coming to Russia in a few weeks to run one of his beauty pageants. As a want to be mega billionaire, he loves to rub shoulders with our super billionaires. At the moment he is not a high priority of the American and western intelligent services to want keep track of — just a big mouth showoff guy.”

“So you are convinced that you can isolate him long enough to do a number on him?”

“Without question, sir. Look we’ve run a careful psychological profile on this pigeon. He’s perfect — reckless, like a little kid starved for attention. If we get this guy elected president, one way or the other every bit of intel fed to him will get to us, no question about it.”

“Sounds to me like this mind game ploy would be the easy part. How in the world do you figure in your wildest imagination you can turn such a loose cannon into the American president?”

“I know. I know. It sounds crazy. But after some extensive analysis of the American electorate and the current structure of their political system, I strongly believe we have a chance to pull it off. To begin with there is a deep racist streak in America that has been stirred up by the election of its first black president, but the real kicker is Whites’ fear of losing jobs to millions of Mexican illegals. It will be easy for us to fire up this megalomaniac Trump guy to want run for president exploiting those racist factors full bore.”

“I find that hard to believe. I mean, even queers in America have been given rights unheard of only a few years back — way too liberal for such a gambit.”

“You would think, Vlad. But our AI intelligence models say different. It is their Electoral College thing.”


“You know that weird system they have of apportioning votes for president among the states. In short, total votes don’t necessarily determine the winner. All we have to do is find the cracks in the system, plus slow release a little dirt on his opponent, and I think we’ve got a fifty-fifty shot.”


Fast-forward to a month after the election and Putin is going crazy. It all worked out too well.

“Trump is blabbing to high heaven how much he loves me, and now the whole world has become suspicious that there is some funny business going on between myself and President Trump. Our cover is blown.”

“What have you people done” says Putin? “Yes, we wanted Trump as our spy, but we didn’t want the whole world thinking that he might be. I want nothing but negative stories put out about Trump. We’ve got to reverse course and dampen down this speculation, and quickly or you will all be headed for a long stay in Siberia. Got it!”

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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