It Was And Remains Voter Suppression PURE And Simple That Sunk Hillary And Possibly Any Future Democratic National Candidate

In normal blue states where there was no voter suppression of one sort or the other — such as fewer hours, machines and or less polling places in predominately Democratic districts and of course convoluted ID requirements for students and seniors — Hillary won easily. And then there were suppressed states like Wisconsin.

Some have estimated that the voter-ID law in Wisconsin suppressed 200,000 votes in that state alone. This occurred in a key battleground state where Trump won by a mere 22,748. And yet much of the talk was that Hillary lost because she failed to campaign in such states. But what good would it had done her had she gone and preached to the choir in such states if the choir was prevented from casting its votes.

Yes, Jim Comey, Russian hacking and fake news, rural bias against metropolitan peoples, the Bernie factor and of course Hillary’s notorious political shortcomings all took their toll, but combined they did not come close to defeating her. In fact without voter suppression not only would she have won the total vote “Bigly,” she would have swamped Trump in the Electoral College as well.

But still, Democrats (and even Republicans eager to cover up their voter suppression campaign) insist on avoiding the central reason for Hillary’s defeat. As long as talk continues to fly by the central factor of voter suppression there is little hope that Democrats dependent on their demographic minority advantage have any chance. Indeed, its not poorly expounded issues or lackluster candidates that will sink future Democrats, it will rather remain the wall of voter suppression that makes victory impossible for moderates and progressives. Defeating that wall must become and remain task number one for every Democrat. Go Al Franken!

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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