It’s Not Liberal Vs. Conservative Anymore National Press

These traditional labels of liberal and conservative are no long valid political identifiers. In fact they are grossly misleading. True GOP conservatives and moderates have either left the Republican Party or have gone Republican inactive. Heck some of the best conservatives now hang out at liberal MSNBC.

Today the division is between a gaggle of the super rich represented in our government by a highly paid army of office holders — “conservative Republicans” and lobbyist stooges willing to do anything for a little money and power, backed by a mercenary, fascist media lead by Fox News and its conspiracy spewing ultra-right talk radio brothers — vs. America and its better angels.

Indeed, it is the greediest of the supper rich applying hate mongering and the most undemocratic tactics of gerrymandering and voter suppress working against the national interest and its ideals of a fair shake for all of America’s citizens. But don’t confuse this stealth super rich clique with that handful of high profile good guys that uses their great wealth for the nation’s and worlds good, the like of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg. These rare birds are in a class all their own — the good guys.

The responsible media is not helping our struggle for national survival by continuing to frame it as a contest between conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats, as if the situation was still a competition between two political parties of equal value that just happed to represent differing philosophies of governance. Those days began to fade away when the political shit stirrer Newt Gingrich came on the political scene and made common cause with Fox News’s Roger Ailes.

With the emergence of Donald Trump as a political figure of great consequence, all pretense of the GOP being a force for a strong Democracy, a government for and by the people has fallen away. The mountain of lies has become so blatant and ridiculous so as to demonstrate not the least care for the national interests or the rights of the people. Today’s backers of the GOP is a bunch of oligarchs little different from the mob that controls Russia. No wonder the Donald slobbers his affections all over Mr. Putin.

So please responsible press stop referring to the national divide as a spilt between liberals and conservatives. It’s really a battle between those wishing to see the nation’s and the people’s interests and ideals upheld and those who simply want to exploit the nation and the public for selfish intensions, employing a massive con game on the innocence and the hateful via xenophobic enraging schemes.

Indeed, the low profile super rich care not a wit about America and its average citizens, except for exploiting their psychological vulnerabilities in a way that will cause the more gullible of Americans to work and vote against their own self-interest and the nation’s as well — not a liberal conservative thing at all.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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