It’s Not Trump Stupid It’s The Fed

There’s an old Wall Street axiom that says never fight the Fed (Federal Reserve). This simply means that if the Fed is tightening credit get out of the stock market and if it is loosening credit buy stocks like crazy.

The reality is that President Trump has kneecapped everything that was once good and great about America. By his transactional nature he has lowered American to the level of North Korea, Turkey and Russia — a morally, spiritual and economically bankrupted nation. Everything we once stood against we have become — a backstabber of our friends and allies and a sycophant of those that wish to destroy us. A weak man of zero character and ability (Trump) has caused us to become a failed state with hundreds of thousands of folks dying and millions out of work.

But Trump must be some kind of economic genius because the stock market is soaring. No! He is not. It’s the FED, stupid. Chairman of the Federal reserve, Jerome Powell, has made it known to Wall Street that no matter what it will continue to backstop the markets with trillions of its funny money credit. Of course in time there will come a bill due for regular Americans in the form of total economic collapse and rampant inflation that will gobble up everyone’s, except the super rich’s, net worth.

But what the heck, with Don the con in office as the ship of state sinks via his shallow corruptive ways, the band on Wall Street, driven on by the Fed, will continue to play just a little while longer.

And now there is a new New York Times article about Trump saying that those who join the army forces are stupid losers and suckers, especially when they get killed or maimed. He said he just can’t understand what’s in it for them. The idea of love of country and service on behalf of others completely baffles him. Rachael Maddow says she can’t even comprehend how he can be human.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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