When VP Joe Biden entered the race for the presidency this time around something essential was missing. His campaign seemed strained, as though he were performing some reluctant duty. His once lovable gaffes weren’t so lovable anymore. He came across as but a shell of his former self. In other words he was dead in the water. This begged the question, had his life’s brutal family tragedies at long last finished off his faith in himself, one wondered? His heart obviously wasn’t fully in the game.

This shatter the hopes and dreams of millions of average Democrats that were looking toward Joe to save the nation from the clutches of those ruthless Republicans and their moronic leader, President Trump, who seemed hell bent on dragging America through a new age of ugly venality, if not completely putting an end to America’s courageous experiment in democracy.

Indeed, Joe’s campaign seemed lifeless while, moreover, being dangerously short on both money and a vital, national ground game organization. It looked as though that without some miracle, Super Tuesday’s delegate rich states were going to be a disaster for Old Joe, and that this depleted war horse were more likely headed to the relaxing green pastures of permanent retirement than the White House.

Oh, sure he made valiant claims, saying that South Carolina was certain to turn things around for him, but it sounded like nothing more than a has been politician’s grasping at straws. And then a lightening miracle struck in the form of Jim Clyburn, South Carolina’s beloved black Mosses of the US House of Representatives.

In a stunningly emotional endorsement of Joe Biden, Clyburn, as if his words were coming down, through him, from God on high said, “Not only do we know Joe, but he knows us.” These words seemed to send a massive charge though Joe that instantly brought him to life, and the entire nation took notice. As such the, next day’s headline in Politico screamed, following Joe’s resounding South Carolina Victory: “The resurrection of Joe Biden.”

Now you see, Donald Trump, when it comes to being knowledgeable about history, geography and basically everything in general, is, yes, a bit of a moron. On the other hand, he’s a kind of brilliant savant when it comes to having a gut feeling for why people do what they do and why they believe what they believe, backed by a sort of con man/tyrant’s instinct for public manipulation. As such, he may again prove prescient to the fact that Biden will be his greatest political threat, which for a time he seemed to have completely missed the mark on that score.

The question currently at hand is how will Joe’s sudden surge of life play out this coming Tuesday, and how much in the way of political resources might flow his way? Will other candidates drop out of the race and join forces with him, and will billionaire moderates like Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg move away from their own bid for the presidency to power the Biden cause? After all both said that defeating Trump was their top priority.

Super Tuesday, and the days immediately thereafter, should answer lots of question as to Biden’s chances for overtaking Sanders and his youthful, true believer supporters.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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