Leadership And Society’s Natural Pecking Order

Thoughtful folks often ask in astonishment why Trump supporters are so blindly and enthusiastically willing to support the Donald. After all, there is absolutely nothing good about him. He is by nature a lazy, destructive and most sadistic being, a con that feasts off the lower order’s natural submissive instinct to follow that which it crudely perceive to be an alpha male leader.

Indeed, no less than the rest of the animal kingdom, we humans have a natural pecking order to our societies made up of alpha males and females and those of a strangely submissive temperament, all of whose offspring often inherit the same social rank irrespective of talent or intelligence.

One of the reasons that seventh, eight and ninth grades are membered as such a traumatic period in one’s life is because that is when the pecking order is finally resolved. It’s a time of optimum social fiction when average boys are most likely to get into fistfights and girls catfights.

The lower social order’s submissiveness to its betters is full of irony. This is because those who are most likely to bend to the will of their betters are in fact often among the most rambunctious and violent ones within a society.

This can be seen reflected as a mirror image of the general culture, the military organization. At the bottom of a military organization are the ones that actual do the stabbing, shooting and killing, the grunts, being mostly composed of society’s lower order. The toughest and most competent among this ilk rise up to become the army’s first sergeants, those who whip the raw recruits into shape and see to it that orders flowing down from the officer’s corps are carried out.

Now, you see, the first sergeants have no special love for their superior officers. In fact they often make fun of them and see the lowest ranked officers as sissies and fops. Sometimes even making fun of them behind their backs to their own underlings, and at times even going around them when possible. Yet, these senior NCOs remain respectful of the general system of command. For like most they are held in place by a natural pecking order compulsion.

Okay, getting back to Trump, he is a rather special case. The Donald instinctively seems to understand lower society’s desire to be submissive even though it acts so rebelliously and rowdily at times. Trump’s trick for taming this mischievous lion is to flaunt his power and wealth in conjunction with ruthlessness. Belittling all who oppose him along with the rest of his bullying routine automatically triggers the submissive desire within the lower order. His evilness is in essence removing all responsibility and sin from it by having its personal guilt transferred to him, thus unleashing a euphoric sense of freedom within.

In other words by submitting to Trump’s will, his followers finally experience both a sense of peace and purpose about their humble and mostly pointless lives. Their pecking order has thankfully been resolved. It is to be sure the grand delusion they have longed for.

Of course the upper strata of society supports Trump for a totally different reason — the economic advantages he hands it. He is truly its con, not the poor fools in the boondocks who worship him and are fleeced by him. But then, again, that’s how the pecking order has always worked.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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