Let Me Tell You Why Trump Is So Destructive

It’s really very simple. Humans are creatures built for action. They must act in some manner. If they aren’t too smart and don’t have what it takes to do positive, creative things with their energy, they simply turn to criminally destructive actions. Every one, if they had the ability, would like to be a rocket scientist, a brain surgeon, a world famous concert pianist, an Olympic champion of some sort or a super rich hedge fund manager (although this one is very close to being a destructive criminal type of action) or even an astronaut flying off to the moon.

But what if you ‘re the Donald whose father pounded it into your head that you must win at all cost and totally vanquish your rivals along the way? Indeed, what if you’re the Donald totally lacking in the talent, patience and the desire for positive creation?

Easy, you merely veer off into the path of pure destruction. But you say, he’s a builder, isn’t he — Trump Tower and all that? Not really. His part was blasting people, rules and regulations out of the way and using his father’s money to hire a few thousand talented folks to do the real creative part.

Trump’s only talent is taking credit for the good works of others and lining up scapegoats for his endless failings. In fact Trump’s fat ego hates, to no end, folks of real character and outstanding ability. He can’t abide to be around them, and thus always finds a reason for them to be gone. This is why he eventually surrounds himself with a gaggle of incompetents — so he won’t look quite so bad by comparison.

We can only hope that responsible men have given this impetuous, moronic president the wrong nuclear codes, or however the ultimate destruction is unleashed, because this mad man, Trump, must surely give it a whirl if he can, as it would be a most delightful climax for him in his life of joyful destruction.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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