Multicultural America Is Here To Stay?

Even though American Ideals that say all men are created equal in the face of God and that no religion is superior to any other religion was born in an age of Black slavery and a society dominated by White Christian folks, multicultural America finally arrived with the election of President Barack Obama. Of course after over 240 years of White domination, the old power structure was not going to go away without a fight.

The GOP, along with Fox News and right wing media, formed a backlash to the future of American’s multiculturalism and the Presidency of Mr. Obama, and so with the help of Republican dirty tricks, Russian intervention and the antiquated Electoral College system a dinosaur of a president, in the person of one Donald J. Trump, was elected as a corrupt echo of the past. Starting with Roman days the countryside has always been behind the times, a conservation drag on progress. And so it is with America that the Electoral College, favoring the countryside, allowed the backward looking GOP to steal a technical victory even though it lost by over three million votes.

But this will not stand. Society has moved on. The face of the nation is no longer pure White, nor does Christianity dictate what is holly and good. The culture is blatantly a diverse one. Movies, television, sports, late night comedy and even commercials are a tidal wave of diversity — gay people, racially mixed couples. It is a fabulous multicultural America that may be here to stay, even though humanity’s tribal impulse does not favor it.

Unfortunately we are currently experiencing the ugly antics of a desperate past flirting with dictatorship in order that the future does not bloom in all its glory, but the natural flow of history is always from right to left. Each new generation becomes, to the exasperation of pervious generations, a little more progressive, which in America means radically and joyously a varied people once the sound and fury of change has passed away. Either the cleansing wave of American ideals will wash away the stink of the past, or the nation and the world will collapse into the pit of a permanent hell.

Right now it would seem that America’s better angels are in the majority and will prevail in 2020, but evil does not rest and so neither should the nation’s good hearts. Down with Trumpisms and all its destructive ways. Three cheers for the America that the founding fathers envisioned for the nation’s future. It is here in all its glory, if only we can hold on to it.

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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