Nancy Pelosi Can’t Win But She Can

Right now, and most likely whenever it is that she passes the articles of impeachment over to McConnell’s “Republican” controlled Senate, Nancy Pelosi won’t get to see a fair trial of President Trump, BUT…. But she will continue to see Trump drag his Republican backers through the mud of his stupidity.

She is playing the long game, while Trump and his simpleton sycophants continue to trip all over themselves playing a neo McCarthyism type of phony patriot gambit and other nonsense. Yes, McConnell will mostly likely win his Senate ruse, but in the court public opinion that sort of stink only grows stronger by the day.

Indeed, Trump has a life long history of stumbling into great fortune only to inevitably piss it away. First, with wild half-baked ventures, Trump fritter away the four hundred million dollars he inherited from his father. Then he squandered by his wild incompetence borrowed money from US banks and naïve investors in normally, for anyone else, can’t miss casino enterprises, and finally there came to his relief Russian investors in his money laundering schemes (can we please see your taxes Mr. President). You don’t cross the Russians. Right Mr. Putin?

So, yes, Nancy is betting that given a little more time our birdbrain president will find a way to impeach himself in the court of public opinion. Once more the Donald will take down the putrefaction of his pown creation, those in the camp of Senators McConnell and Graham, those having covered themselves in Trump’s slime. Good riddance.

I think I can hear the 2020 express coming round the bend. And look at all those Republicans Trump has tied to the tracks. Is that Nancy I see driving the engine?

Jim Ridgway, Jr. military writer — author of the American Civil War classic, “Apprentice Killers: The War of Lincoln and Davis.” Christmas gift, yes!

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